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Madahoochi Lyrics

Abubu  Ain't Got No Money    Between Us    Big Bang Medley  Bourgeois King   Choose to Loose    Cycle of Creation    Devils    Dirge For A Dog    The Eight-Legged Butterfly  Fifth Street   Frankendate    Frisco Bay   Good Time People   Judas 
Kite    Molecule Man    Moose   Movin' On  Must Be Nice  Nuclear Man   Once A Day Kiss    Pardon My Condition 
Pistol Under Your Skin   Science     Seems Like She Loves Me    Shelf Life   Shelly    Shih-tzu    Shuffle Off To Bulbalo
Singapore  The Spider That Betrayed the Fly    Sunshine    Tales From the Cheetah Factory     That Is When the Room Fell   Took   Under Her Sleeve   You Are 

Must Be Nice

Must be nice, you look satisfied, the whole world cries for you. Must be nice.
Must be nice, to be the early bird, get the worm. Must be nice.
What you don't know, what you don't face comes creeping up behind you.
Must be nice to not care, not care at all about your world. Must be nice.
Must be great to drive so fast and never be late. Must be great.
Must be a rush, leave 'em in the dust, run 'em off the road. Must be a rush.
What you don't know, what you don't face comes creeping up behind you.
Must be nice to not care, not care at all about your world. Must be nice.
Must be fun bankin' in the sun, time is money. Must be fun.
Must be a hoot stashin' all the loot; greedy man shoots. Must be a hoot.

What you don't know, what you don't face comes creeping up behind you.
Must be nice to not care, not care at all about your world. Must be nice.

Good Time People

Some people don't mind, some people don't mind
some people don't mind, all the good time people don't mind.
Sittin' in the grass with the new constitution, nature's all around us puttin' opposites together
All the fruit of eden hidden in the kitchen freezer, six days of work, now have some.
Some people don't mind, some people don't mind
some people don't mind, all the good time people don't mind.
The apple was evil but it done fermented, you could beg to differ but you're probably not a drinker
All the fruit of eden hidden in the kitchen freezer, six days of work, now have some.
The central nature of things, no distinction between science and philosophy, religion or my enemy
my spirit and it's tendencies to behave irrationally
like a honeycomb to a beehive, it all makes sense to me
that everything sweet comes with a sting.
Some people don't mind, some people don't mind
some people don't mind, all the good time people don't mind.
Bound up in drama that tangles me in karma; tried to outrun 'em but they caught me on camera
tried to whisper soft but they heard me on the speaker, tried to run soft but they heard my squeaky sneakers
all the fruit of eden hidden in the kitchen freezer, six days of work now have some.

Ain't Got No Money

Ain't got no money to pay the bills
my momma told me I ain't got no bill payin' skills
gas is high, the rent is late, can't call my friends 'cuz of the phone rate
ain't got no money to pay the bills.
Ain't got no money to fill my tank
everytime I drive it's pullin' right out of my bank
ain't got no SUV, send a COD, I'm runnin' out of gas on highway 70
ain't got no money to fill my tank.
my lady don't care, m'lady don't care what the world asks of me.
Ain't got no money to feed my pets
I ran out of cat food, the dog is chewin' my fence
throw a dog a bone, he's all alone; can't sleep at night listenin' to his stomach groan
ain't got no money to feed my pets.
Ain't got no money to take you on a date, hard to buy dinner when your rent is always late.
can't buy you no flowers, no candy, don't try to tell me I'm a tease
cuz' I already told you, I ain't got no money.
my lady don't care, m'lady don't care what this world wants of me.


She came out of hiding in Singapore
Lady Luck got your right number when you've got your feet on the killing floor
Sing me a happy song of life until you get you one.
Frizzy hair makeup lady
drive them all dizzy with the waggle of her daisy
Lady bug legs, with spots to assure
yep, she must be the one to carry a mirrored bullet in her machine gun
Kiss must tell, scar of lipstick
caught 'em all red-lipped; the value of betrayal
The prison of a headline, sinewous in the vacuum light
about to end a useless war waged nightly on the second floor.

The itsy-bitsy spider crawled up the waterspout
down came the rain; the torrent flushed her out
not responsible for terrible things,
she didn't kill the fly, she loved him, she needed him for his wings.
Saw his face, front page photograph
float down through the space between the floor and her pace.
no time for second thought, fly his wings to eternity
rubbed her lips across his ink and erased his infidelity
murder...fly his wings to eternity

Bourgeois King

Have it your way, your way now.
Driving in your car, feeling who you are
proud to be the king of a world that is your own
caravan of crowns smile down the boulevard
everywhere you go you get it your way
a target for satisfaction, a servant in abstraction
a blue-collar colored opposite, love for what you have
living as a spoiled child, all the while life gone mild
society loves you, society needs you
Have it your way, your way now.
If you're lovin it then it's right tonight
till you're in the box, bet it's finger lickin good
cause of mass distraction, take a picture, miss the action
heartwarming is the conspiracy, the truth is what it could be.
close your eyes and hold on tight, you will the weight of the world tonight
we'll be watching from the backseat, 3D glasses on
marketing's the fifth dimension, always relative to your position
always ******* your ambition, comforting you in your skin.
have it your way, your way now.

close your eyes and hold on tight until the feelings gone
inside you're done for
if you hold on tighter, you know you've always lost
you know you're always lost.
I am walking inside.
Feeling who you are, smile down the boulevard, proud to be king.
everywhere you go, get it your way.

Nuclear Man
Hartung, Rockwood

Nuclear man, you got a bullet from a very tiny hand
you pulled the plug and society ran, nuclear man.
Your gazebo is bigger than a small island or Reno
and no one would ever want to see you in a Speedo.
You got the wine and the high ceilings galore
a thousand dollars knocked you to the floor
and you'd trade it all for just a little more.
You fighting armies is the stuff of dreams
you keep forgetting Sector 7G
you keep your lawyers trapped behind the door
you often send your callers right through the floor

That Is When The Room Fell

That is when the room fell, when they found the traces of your hair
Late at night, all is right, everybody's feelin' good
everybody knew it was true
late at night, all is right, everybody's feelin' good
everybody knew it was you, you.
That is when the room fell, when they found the traces of your hair
'92 flew by smooth, everybody kept it loose
everybody saw it on the news.
'92 flew by smooth, everybody kept it loose
'93 will be the end of you.

The Eight-Legged Butterfly

She had woven her cocoon out of gum and the sole of an old shoe
she search for days for materials
she spent hours and hours delicately wrapping it around herself
smiling and crying for all the happiness she felt
she was lifted up by the thoughts of soaring high
she was sure that she'd emerge a beautiful butterfly.
The cockroach was busy walking his disease
as dastardly and disturbing as such a scene would be
all around the water fountain the ants were marching without doubting
the regiment of their regeme was all their life was abou
they were lookin' up, thought they might just shout aloud
the wits of that strange spider had done flown out of her weave.
Through dusty webs the cricket shined and sang
he was old and he was wise; he had seen her game
he shouted out to the crowd gathered around
within her cocoon she had spun there was evidence to be found.
The secret ingredient of her spell was not the wings of her wasted lover.
It was her guilt.
The sun magnified heaven through the summer dew
the cocoon split open and eight shiny legs pulled through
and as she rose the entire crowd gasped
her lucid fragile wings picked her up and threw her to the cat.
She was born small, then she grew
did her whole life what spiders do.
But the skin she was in was the prison she's in.
All her needs fulfilled in a dream
liberation day, day for a change.
She was sure that she would inherit her wings.
All she ever wanted was her wings.

Pistol Under Your Skin

Sand bags under your eyes, like deserts under the bleakest gray skies
Inside they are starving vultures.
Like a pistol under your skin your heart shoots blanks but your ego's adrenaline
it's a wonder you don't bury yourself where you stand.
Blow missles into the wind until every sin you've prayed for is forgiven
to the sound of a fire-mop that is sweeping the families from your block
with unsavory thoughts about who they call god.
Skeletons under your bed, megatons of energy to keep your secrets hid
pass the bill to hide the steal and milk the fields.
The red on your face from the blood on the hands that tried to hide your disgrace
The bones are poking through and their hearts are beating louder
the sweat upon your brow is telling the truth.
And if you take their lives away until every sin their paying for is your mistake
to the sound of the son of god who is crying his eyes out
when your smirking lips use his name....in vain.

Cycle of Creation

Boy and his gun, sorceress and her wand huddled under the stoop
of a bridge for the freight train above
Rain falls down on the carcasses around of buildings that have turned to dust
Boy drums on his plate and sings her a song of worlds moved on, pieces of puzzles to solve
she puts her wand in the ash and persuades a small fire
they danced all night out in the rain showers.
They sang songs of worlds they dreamed, danced through the puddles;
the stories and puddles grew,
flames took on shapes as the pools seeped in, the steam of their union took journey on the wind.
Clouds carrying fables to inspire new lands, to build new empires and watch them wash back into sand.
Remnants sing songs of worlds they've dreamed, unaware their dreams become Adam and Eve.

Fifth Street

Young man down on 5th Street has his life in his pocket
a pocket full of nothing and he says to the people around him,
"you are all my friends."
Young man down on 5th Street has a joke he tells no one
a joke he knows is plain to see
the people around him laugh quietly.
Shoes may be worn, pockets may be empty but they're warm,
a place to put a lonely hand to keep the blood goin'.
A place to put the loneliness and the emptyness of the alleyway.
Young man down on 5th Street is a mystery, all the possibilities of what he could be
the people around him stare suspiciously.
Young man down on 5th Street knows a little about everything
if knowledge were money the man might be a king
but in this accepted illusion he is nothing.
The man and I sit and exchange a while
talks of the world, of its means, ends, and causes
talks of the world, of its art and its losses
talks of the world and what's in the way.
Young man, life in his pockets
he says, you are all my friends
Young man, joke he tells no one
people laugh quietly.
5th Stree
t's of cobblestone, of history and migrant bones
where poor men built their sturdy homes and could create their lives.
Down by the riverside the young man, wide awake he lies
and dreams of those King Midas eyes over freshly mowed frontier.

Shelf Life

We look back on life, life looks down on us
peerin' out from behind the pantry dreams collecting dust
so high up on a shelf, we come too short of ambition to touch
dreaming of dreaming of reaching up reaching up
collecting the dreams of who we once were
but oh, where have they gone?
why did you give
them up when the doubt had come?
They belonged to you, were a part of you.
People come and people go, each with a voice as quiet as the rain.
Some have faces and others have names built into the sewing of the seams.
Oh, where have they gone? Why did you let them go when the doubt had come?
They believed in you, were a part of you.
Oh, it goes on without you.
Don't fool yourself; it's not too hard to fill your shoes.
Society's a monster, just like everything else
It breathes, it seathes on other's lives, tempting you with wealth.
It dazzles your eyes, it keeps you hypnotized.
Just look away; don't be afraid to look away.

Keep in Mind (Took)

How much stone do I have to follow before I see the green again?
How much poison do I have to swallow before I taste the green again?
Keep in mind that you do unravel with the pain of advancing hordes
realign and send your mind the redesign:
a little more, a little more, a little better.
Seems today you gotta know the lesson before the class even meets a day
not to seem a little bit
ungrateful, but could we try it once the other way?
What was that? You could have gone unnoticed.
Could'a slipped out the open door.
Now our plans are pandering, we suffer slandering;
what was so great that you needed more?
Free your guesses
Free your messes.
Peppering the life of indecision, confuse the mind with neverending flow.
Faculties sitting useless by the sea; keep in mind they don't know where to go.
Standing, salivating at the gate, wondering if they are ripe to win
Realign and send your mind the redesign
You never gonna get right in unless you come a friend.

Choose to Lose

Hard time, never gettin' anywhere
Hard time, pretending that we don't seem to care.
Hard time remembering to go begin.
Hard time remembering.
Hard time believing that we'll find the benign,
Hard time, amazing that we never did mind.
Hard time remembering to go begin.
Hard time remembering.
Still, we arrive, the energy of the vibe.
Amusement starts to reek and run wild, together sentence the scheming of smile.
Aware again of the length that you pull, a steamer full of the arrogant fool.
To be and speak the American way, pull back the tackiness of what is today.
What praise becomes the one who doesn't possess?
A fear to slide into nothingness.
Hard time policing everything that we know
Hard time if anywhere is where we can go.
Hard time, pretend originality
Hard time presenting there's a need to be free.
Hard time remembering the easier ways
Hard time believing that we'll get there someday.
Hard time remembering all the bad things we've done,
Hard time believing we can buy out the sun.
Hard time, compress that gate surrounding your throat.
Hard time collapsing when you don't get the joke.
Hard time listening to bad radio
Hard time when negativity runs the show.
Stil, we arrive, the energy of the vibe.
Align to right, be still or sight, you choose to loose what you say tonight.
Be still today, be still and pray, or else you may decoy the decay.

Under Her Sleeve

Give the woman a gun, and she'll win this way for you.
tell her true when the war is over and the flags are down
'cuz she'll fight on and on for you.
There's a battle out there every day, and there's something that they just won't say
that it's the end of the world, and we know it
we fear it to be, but when they come lookin' for me I'll be hiding under her sleeve.
Skies are bleak over city streets, killers lurk in masks of commonality
devils are playing games...and we know it
we fear it to be, but when they come lookin' for me I'll be hiding under her sleeve.
Some are afraid to be alone, some are afraid to be without love
without a woman against the evils of the world
we fear those evils to be, but when they come lookin' for me I'll be hiding under her sleeve.


Sometime tomorrow remind me of today
I screamed so loud I forgot to say goodbye.
Help me find a gift for the energy that I spent
either on moving or talking mostly about nothing
Hope you hold on tighter to the innocense god gave you
hope you remind me tomorrow to say goodbye
tell me to pick up my things, tell me to move on again
with the dignity of a man.
Tongues touching
tears sweet as faith, begotten to rejection
but the truth is in there, through the hair, dangling in the eyes,
hidden there beyond, and there behind.
The beauty's there we're just used to it
sadly, enough time to move on
can anywhere be home, can anywhere be?

Once A Day Kiss

Only close is where you come when you're always on the run
when things are busy you are running smooth
your element, your bliss, your once a day kiss
back and forth, you're always moving, never still
all your ups and your downs, in a class of your own
your enemies, they are useless.
What is this strange feeling that I know is true?
Compliance is never your way at all.
Comfortable as you sway, sporadic is your way
busy busy, always lookin' busy now, till you're all used up
a thousand miles away, away is where you'll stay
When you're gone, and I'm around I'm interested to see
just how you are progressing along
the moral is you'll see, don't you try to be yourself
'cuz if you do, you're only lying.
Always on the run, once a day kill, in your loyal way, class of your own
throw me for a loop, that I know is true, interesting to see, try to be yourself.

Between Us

Between us, pages of line and ambition
there's a bomb inside your car
and I'll be watching you struggle with the lock
and then you'll go boom.
Between us, pages of line and victory
there's an anvil above your head
and I'll be watching you from three stories high
and then you'll be squashed.
Long ago a woman said she was a friend of mine
then she put her boots on tight and walked away right
saying, "don't hold on too long".
Well, if only you could see me now.
I'm getting better, I've started to figure things out.
Well, if only you could see me now.
I'm getting even, you'll see what's coming, and you'll move out of the way.
Between us, iron bars and cement walls
but not for long, 'cuz I'm giving you up
and I'm going home, back where I belong, before I met you.
Between us a tragic rendition of outrunning the law.
There's a warrant for you because of me
and while you're in your cell, I want you to remember
I'm the one who's free.
Long ago a woman and I, we had a plan
then she took the money and ran and the law tied my hands
saying, "don't hold on too long".

Big Bang Medley

A crest upon a valiant idea, barefoot in the waves
wading in the sulfur splash, parting ions to the sea
for the single star creation of the big bang medley.
Amusing as it swirls around, landscape changing scene
ripples over time replace the surface life congealed
their scope was in the present on an ever changing face.
Stare too long into the distance and feel everything changing.
Consider it all part of the circle that revolves into history
horizons flatlined, water cradles my head.
Walk along into the break, feel the tide push in
telling that there's something to us she would not accept
keeping us in the shallows to never understand.
Digging back into the ground, the pulp of tides come in
shifting hues of shell in sand washed in from the deep
treading time in the shallows and basking in the light.

Forever Groove
Allen, Madahoochi

He led the ones to their dream
couldn't see with his own eyes
If we were blind could we write a better song?
You show me the way.
This is the start of a new show
feel the groove moving so slow.


I'm searching through faces, I'm searching for signs
I'm wanting my fears justified, I'm searching for crimes
I'm the cause, I'm pointing fingers.
Who's on trial, who's the victim?
I choose my devils and they're everywhere
in everyone, I don't trust...
I'm aware of expressions, I'm aware of stride
I stay away from colors that aren't mine
I'm aware of eyes
I'm the one who stays in hiding
Who's afraid? Who's the villian?
I choose my devils and they're everywhere
In everyone
I don't trust anyone.
I carry my pistol, I protect what's mine
if approached by a stranger in the night
I'll believe I had the right
I'm the cause, I'm pointing fingers
in my world I'm judge and jury
I choose my devils and they're everywhere
In everyone, I don't trust anyone
One world, one world
One world for you and me
One world, one world
One world is all we need.

Frisco Bay

Yeah, I know you're sleeping in the saltwater of your brain
baby, don't look now, cause they'll be coming around
with empty hearts wanting more.
Buy a ticket for an aeroplane and fly to the Frisco Bay
baby don't look down when you're flying around
they got their empty hands in the air.
Yeah, I know you're dreaming through the forest of your hair
baby don't reach up because the bugs are making love
and they'd hate it if they knew that you were there.
They'd have to stop and redirect their holiday
and they'll only live another day
baby don't look up, cause they're falling down
you got dead bugs all over the ground.
Yeah, I know you're at peace and that terrible don't mean a thing
but the bomber's taking flight
he says "the end of the world tonight"
and the empties, bugs and bombers all unite
They're buying tickets for the space machine
and their waving the world bye-bye
and their leaving you and I behind
to watch the exploding skies.
Yeah, keep on sleeping, and if you never open your eyes
you'll never have to know of when the sun started to glow
and burned all the body from our bones.
Buy a ticket for an aeroplane and fly to the Frisco Bay
sit on the coast and watch the dawn
and together blow away.


Turn clay and mud into flesh and blood to find love
maybe it's lonely up above.
Take the ghost of an old friend that you'd like to know again
give her a new name, under a new face, no one would know.
Still, this haunted feeling.
Make a love long lost into a love that's due to renew
before it was ended, still and blue
find a back door into a world faith adores to borrow blessed things
from under the water, reaching through.
Still, this haunted feeling.
Your thoughts, your mind has lived inside of mine
a part of me, apart from me, a separation too painful for one.
Lightning in the sea to give you life, to put your soul in this body
Love, I've missed you so long, it's time to come home to me.
Onto the host of her life, the spirit water flies, she opens her eyes
can it be true I am watching her smile?
If you had been with the beauty there, what would you need?
Would you still be reaching for me?


By kites we swing
and we held tight to the fraying string
and we blew into the sail and away with the June
carry me above the air.
Guiding winds, too urging they have become
and they are pushing way towards the humbling sun.
There's blisters on hand from holding on
too late, kite is gone.
Pleading with the wind to bouyant be
Chinook, carry me safely to the trees
let me go home.


Whence bliss bumbles its crows wing cinders
they've ashen from fallen scroopled doubts
once a maid daring, now only fair carrion
brought down the adulterer king in one royal revelation.
The palace walls saw not a soul but the two
'round about the hours they endeavored to be as quiet as a mouse
not all too unlike the moose which scowled up from the courtyard each night below
on it's back: a hefty sack of hyperbolating anger, the monkey queen,
and straw (to break the moose's back).
moose, which is something rather unlike a camel
though it's more like a mouse, as I have stated before.

Movin' On

And if you feel that there's a hole in your soul
what do you do to fill?
and if you know there's something missing in your life
stagnate depression on your mind
well, you're moving on to heal.
Shooting stars across your sight
too much pressure on your mind
and when the motor stops
what do you do
gotta get out, slam the door, gotta push it, turn the wheels, turn em right.
And over yonder across state borders
there's something burning brighter burning hotter, longer than life.
Let the people never sleep
raise their hands to save their feet
they will live off of one another
there's no need for a nine to five hour workday life.
For too long now we've been working hard
out too late every night to wake up in the morning
and give thanks to what we're made from
like the sun
with the sun, we're moving on.

Pardon My Condition

Pardon my condition
in resentment towards the fallacies of luck.
A simple stumble in the nightfall
brings your words down around me.
But you're still looking at me like I'm the me I used to be.
Concocted your rendition of jealous superstition
festivals for the parliament in your head.
Don't put me down, chilly woman
my intentions aren't to change the way you are feeling about me.
But you're still looking at me like I'm the me I used to be.
Close-minded as you are,
I see it now.
Griping, troubled hand, I let go, not holding out.
'Cause I don't care enough.


Of all that's come to science
proof for the doubt
earthlings have begotten to children, to thoughts
thinking patterns in thinking ways.
Bringing logic to mosaics of heaven and hell.
Run there by the hollow, scream out their lonely names
those who've gone before you, lives like night and day
I hope you tried to remember, I hope you realized what you've lost
It's not every day to see a miracle, it's not commonplace to feel the ghosts.
They canter in the schoolyards, they shuffle in parking lots
the lazy lives of life gone awry, weary of the promises and th lies.
They've come to burn like fireflies, they've come to fly like flame
smoke in the askes of years of doubt
have brought about souls who never let their light burn out.
Angels with wings gone un-dusted ride the caps of flag poles to catch the wind.
Smiling, under the mustache sits Noah, having saved what for the world meant grander things.
Blowing breezes by the hum of God
sweet now, from lips divine
touching grace not so common place in the lives we let fly on by.
Hiding through the thickets, worlds that man can't touch
things he shouldn't come to understand, the magic beneath the crust.


When I first saw you on the shore
my eyes lit up at the sight of seomthing so real
could it be that you doun me?
I had to keep you to myself
no one else could ever understand the beauty that you've shown in my life
Since we're older I can see more clearly now
the colors fade and together we are dimmer somehow
could it be that we need to find someone new?
I had to give you away
no, I don't want to but I gotta do it anyway
I have to let you see the world on your own.
Oh, Shelly baby, life's been good so far
but it's hard.
maybe he'll hang you close to his heart with a good bead friend or two
oh Shelly Lou.

Winze, Madahoochi

About three o'clock you were gone, before I could get you home
Your leash was nowhere to be found, I could not buy you another one
Shih-tzu, I hate you, I'm gonna buy me a Lapso-Apso.
'Bout seven-thirty now, the time I fed you dinner.
Oh yeah, I remember now, I left the back gate open for you.
Year 2002, little Shih-tzu I miss you.
Missing dreadlock dog, never been washed before.
Shih-tzu, where are you? Cuz I've been missing you.
Spotted like a cow, and inch or two from the ground
Face is awful flat, if I could get you back...
Got a call from the pound, they'd told me you'd been found
Cost $400 to get you back, I told them they could have you.
Year 2002, little Shih-tzu I miss you.

Shuffle Off to Bulbalo

I got a little money, I planted a stash
it grew 10 dollar bills, it grew 100 dollar bills
So I got me a little house, I planted a foundation
it grew four walls, 400 rooms and a multi-tiered ceiling
an atrium to plant the sun
it grew me some lightbulbs.
I scooped up some rainbow, I poured it in my plumbing
it tie-dyed my tub, it camouflaged my feet.
So I got a guitar, tapped out some invisible beats
I made 30 albums, all with pictures of my feet.
It sizzled and popped as I showered the sun
It grew me multicolored partybulbs.
So I threw a party, planted some new friends
they ruffled their petals, they brought their offspring
We talked about fall and fell through our reason
perhaps a collapse in a corridor without bulbs
Bulbalo, Bulbalo, Bulbalo
that's the place I call home
I call collect but my call is free
I got the sun making bulbs for me.

The Spider That Betrayed the Fly

Crawl through the night, she's a palace to quiet
under the carpet in the toolshed
far from the spite of perilous eyes
she's apocolyptic
From on board the porch swing
he raises his wings to take flight
weave through the grass, race to the shed
on the first gale of winter
Embracing himself as one, the monopoly of his soul.
The cold wind has set the bait, try to break him and lift him up
The terrible truth of love, this sensible mind has changed
but that's how his story goes, the spider that betrayed the fly.
Calm inside, pleased comfort disarms
umcompromising when she's smiling
held by a string, lust and desiring
soothed by her hypnotizing
cradled in eight arms, sure she'd tamed his will
he says "I love you", she ignores.
He realized it had all been a lie
but deep down the moon burns.
She cast her glare to the chill in the air
and felt the world shake beneath her
the tendrils of web tremble in his wings
with the quaking of his heartbeat.
She looked to the moon and reproaching his plea
asked him "could you really love me?
This was your tomb, you're already food.
Cupid struck a zombie."


Sunshine is a wise one
sails the skies around the world
seen generations of doers, generations of dreamers
and the structures of man built up and blown away like Mohave sands.
Great artist of the southern wind
A copper sheet of fire across the dunes of dusk,
it's a gift for the crust, this tree of life.
Gardenia, grow the Earth a froth.
Plateau of time, it's a table of songs
civilizations of long ago 'round about the myths have sung
Sunshine, morning sadness
held out weary hands to mold a smile from these dimpled cheeks
a somber glow
from the Heartland where only the sun can go.
Traveler lights the tri-dimensional world
find the tid-bits in nook and cranny whittlin
with the vision that fills clearly out my day
mourning for the morning pollution hides
strange comes the sun from behind crimson tides that bind these rusted skies
turn my head into a diner
from food for thoughts to thoughts for food
can you understand my sorrow when you steal what I would share with you?
Sometimes I wish you would see like me.
Got to let this poor world be, man
(Don't covet all the beauty)
Got to let this poor world be, man
(The sun and all it's glory)
Sunshine morning sadness
Held out weary hands
to mold a smile from these dimpled cheeks, a somber glow
from the Heartland where only the sun can go.

Tales from the Cheetah Factory

The puzzle stretches far and wide, shielded by the lights inside
but out here where the tigers play, where nights offend and edges stray
the temperature is out of order, the pieces flung in every corner
and nowhere seems the place to go to gather thoughts and play Thoreau.
Brief encounters with sanity have rendered all my lifeforms free
to run about on jungle gyms and gather other paltry whims
and still the puzzle calls me on and finds my head to tread upon
with tricks and turns too hard to beat and iron bars until complete.

You Are
Rockwood, Allen

You're in my way
you can't stay.
You're a long way from home, you've got a long way to go.
You're a savior, you're a saint, you can't just walk away.
You're insane, you are insane, you can't just walk away.
You are my one and only chance for redemption.
This road that I have traveled for so long now...
You are my one and only chance for saving.

Dirge For A Dog

Please, don't be gone too long
you know I don't like to be left anywhere alone
the windows rolled up and the bones were gone an hour ago.
still...I wait, and I wag my tongue from my face
and I know I might be done for if I cannot leave this place.
Lonely faces pass by
they want to be my savior.
a change in their motion, then a change in their minds
and though they walk away, I think
"yeah, that's the one I could love, I could go home with,
be faithful for the rest of my days."
Recall before we came for milk and honey on Penny Lane,
a sign of affection you gave.
Billowing plumes, hues of golden dried leaves
on the flags in a courtyard, ahead toward the light on a gravel sand street
swagger paws to the beat with the march of the marching band's dixieland dirge for a dog
on his funeral leash.
If you'd come back to your car, I know I'd be a better dog from now on...
Maybe someday I'll be old but not gone
and you'll reach out and touch my head and I'll look up
and you'll see blueing eyes filled with yours
not holding any grudge for the times that I'd wait inside or out
to think I wasn't good enough for you to care about.

Molecule Man

Bernie set chase without much of a trace
his getaway car was inconspicuous
beautiful blonde was a busty one
had a day job at the barber salon
slipped out the back as we wouldn't expect
a shave and a song we were there all along
threatened her neck with the razor she'd used
this was already last week's news.
Molecule Man and Bernie the Hand
blackmarket thugs with flesh jewels to sell
beautiful girls in their underwear
minds are all gone to serve customers well
labotomized by this duo of sin
their greedy gothic minds gone delirious
hard to fight what's inhuman and insane
they have powers to which we are oblivious.
Molecule Man and Bernie the Hand.
Left at the bar was a tingling debris
of static electricity
anonymous people shared anonymous drinks
and told their stories with suspicious winks
some were there to buy, Bernie's there to deal
his was the guise we were there to dispell
the record in the back, it slipped on its track
a shadow lunged for cover, we were on its trail.
Nightlights shine over feet in the street
that scurry 'round to indigenous beats
rain falling down from the heavens above
hell in the sewers sends it back up in fog
black coats sway like capes in the wind
hurrying through the alleys, through the opium dens
the havocing dreams of a city's lost souls
all empowered by the evil they hold.
Beautiful girls, price tags hanging in their curls
living but motionless.
Bernie led us here, we've been searching for it four years
and I feel we've been baited.
Molecule Man, with supernatural pizzazz
deconstructed his arm into tiny balls of light
thrust it into my partner's gut
and blew him out from the inside>
From my belt the secret weapon withdrew
and slapped around his wrist before his power renewed
tried to escape into molecules
alternating current in the cuffs kept his synapses glued.
Batted his skull with a billy club
he tumbled down into a puddle of blood
sulking in the corner, not far from the fight
Bernie knew I'd gotten him this time.


Judas, my president, what my country has done for you
will you send me off to war, will you build me, bill me more
what prison have you in store for your disciples?
Jonas, my Thoreau, swallowed by economy
in the shadow of a free land with the system pulsing
Greed and the power of monopoly, a blasphemy of liberty
beauty of the coin opening, a swamp market for the soul.
Maturity of a country, and the morals of the mind turning the wheel.
Each carrying the plague of the dawn of man
harboring the secret inhibition to be a god.
And if all history's to record their names
knowing full well kindness never lent itself to blame
let the record read they're dirty, let the record blame
it's all the same.
Bring us, bring our little worlds to their post at our knees
and watch us, watch us choke on the smallest of apologies
pray we, pray we don't offend too many of you at our knees.
Oliver, with his heart of Faulkner
he found a way, he raised his hand to speak today
as if to speak were to mean anything at all.
And now we fight as they capitalize
on ignorance, smiling at another public blindfold.

Seems Like She Loves Me
Winze, Rockwood

Have you ever loved a girl so much you just fall over and faint?
Have you ever loved a girl so much you can never leave her alone?
I hug her, and squeeze her, and call her mine
and when we're together everything's just fine.
Have you ever loved a girl even is she cut off all her hair?
Have you ever loved a girl so much you think about her all day?
I hug her, and squeeze her, and call her mine
and when we're together everything's just fine.
Have you ever loved a girl so much you think of her through the night?
Have you ever loved a girl so much you tell all your friends to go home?
Seems like she loves me.

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